Solar Panels

4 out of 5 homes have solar potential

I was reading this article about the potential of going green that 4 out of 5 homes have and it got me thinking about how many home and business owners may be missing out on the savings that come with going green.

Many homeowners are concerned with the idea of going solar. Most concern seems to come from whether or not they will actually benefit from it, or if they can even fit the amount of panels they need on their roof. Concerns like this will often keep a homeowner from seeing the potential to save a lot of money on energy cost. Truth of the matter is: with the right company, at the right cost, and a quick appointment with a technician, many homeowners could be taking advantage of HUGE savings month to month. Not to mention, with inflation rates on energy cost through your utility company, there are lifetime savings that could buy your system again twice over! When it comes down to it, it doesn’t hurt to sit down and really look at the potential to save.


Engadget Article: 4 out of 5 homes have solar potential